Sunday, December 9, 2012

Making MLB Showdown card formulas (pitchers)

These are for the pitcher cards, which are a bit easier than the batter cards without things like 1B+, speed or defense.

Total Control:

(First, an explanation about what control is. For this formula, it is not the number in the upper-right-hand corner of a pitcher's card, but it is the total number of outs + the number in the upper-right-hand corner. So, taking Pedro Martinez, a +5 control with 17 outs, his total control is 22 (5+17))

WHIP Under 0.8 = 23 (Pitchers like Craig Kimbrel or Billy Wagner)
WHIP 0.8-0.99 = 22
WHIP 1.00-1.15 = 21
WHIP 1.16-1.33 = 20
WHIP 1.34-1.50 = 19
WHIP 1.51-1.65 = 18
WHIP 1.66-1.80 = 17
WHIP 1.81-2.00 = 16


Innings/apperances, rounded up or down (6.3 becomes IP 6, 7.55 becomes IP 8)

If they switched between starting and relieving, you can just run the numbers as is or separate starts and relief appearences.


If they give up more than one and a half HR per innings (otherwise abbreviated as HR/9), they give up a home run result on their chart.\

If they keep the home-run results low, you may be inclined to also not allow them to give up doubles, but that's your discretion.

Walks (BB):

Per 1.7 BB/9, they get a BB result.

So, if a player allows 2.3 BB/9, I'll round it down to one BB result.
If a player allows 3.5 BB/9, I give him 2 BB results.


GB/FB results:

I use their GO/FO rate (1.00 is neutral, as many groundballs as flyballs. Higher than 1.00 is grounder-heavy, below 1.00 is flyball-heavy)


This one is tough because my attempting to reverse-formulate it didn't quite workj out, so remember these are guidelines...

1-2 SO = below 4.0 K/9
1-3 SO =  around 4.5 K/9
1-4 SO = between 5.4 and 6.2 K/9
1-5 SO = around 6.8 K/9
1-6 SO = between 8.5 and 9.2 K/9
1-7 SO = ...this is where the numbers get fudged, sadly.
1-8 SO = around 10 k/9
1-9 SO =
1-10 SO = around and over 12 K/9
1-11 SO = over 14.5 K/9

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