Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Centerfield Market

Things are starting to heat up on the Hot Stove this week for the Centerfield market.

The Atlanta Braves just finalized a 5 year $75 million deal with BJ Upton. Looking at the numbers, Upton is not actually that far overpaid, I think (the kneejerk reaction is that he is), and I think he'll end up being cheaper contrat-wise than Michael Bourn, Atlanta's recent CF.

Last night, the Washington Nationals stole Denard Span from the Minnesota Twins. He's a speedster like Bourn, but a whole lot cheaper than Bourn will be ($21 million for the next three years). He's a true CF, which allows the Nats to put Werth and Harper at more natural defensive positions.

Both teams improved, but I think Washington will be happier with the price-tag. The biggest winner may be Bourn, since with two contenders out of the market, he becomes a bit more valuable being ON the market.

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