Friday, October 12, 2012

Alas, my Orioles!

It's a shame, but they're gone from the postseason after that loss.

Things to work on for next year:

We need a third baseman and a second baseman. While Robert Andino is entering his prime, he's really best served in a utility role. Manny Machado has done well, but he may need more seasoning in the minors. With that said though, Reynolds cannot go back to third base. Please please please no. Really. It's hard enough to watch him impersonate Adam Dunn at first.

Stop hacking at everything. Extra base hits are nice, but walks are okay to draw guys. It's bad when three players have an OBP above .340: Thome, Markakis and McLouth. You guys need to cut down on the strikeouts and put balls into play.

The pitching is fine. Defense could be tweaked, but is fine.

The Nats are on, but I need to go to bed since I have work in the morning.

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